Division Member's Layouts

Layout Owner Layout Scale Layout Name Description
David & Sherry Caldwell G Scale Dog Gone Lines RR Layout is approximately 20’x40’ featuring a 150’ reversing loop. The DGL RR is modeled after the Union Pacific and White Pass and Yukon railroads in the 1940-1950’s era and features about 240’ of mainline with station and industrial sidings.
Jerry & Verna Kay G Scale Big Sandy & Cumberland Garden RR Outdoor RR approximately 30’x40’ featuring about 125 feet of main track that winds its way through the mountains of Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia. Sidings and branch lines account for another 70 feet of track. Two and three truck Shays and Climaxes are the primary locomotives.
Teya Caple-Woods G Scale Capleville & Sugkat Valley RR 1940-1960’s era. Extensive outdoor layout approximately 90’x30’x40’ featuring 700 feet of track and 15 turnouts. The C&SV RR has a large train yard and a 5 track transfer table in the shed. Layout is featured in “Getting Started in Garden Railroading” by Allan W. Miller. Also featured on YouTube.
Wilson Harrell HO Scale Virginia & Western RR HO Scale 22’x25’ layout modeled after the Norfolk & Western and the Virginian Railroads in Danville, VA to Norfolk, VA setting. The layout features a two loop, double track main around the walls and features the Harrell’s Coal Company’s three track Tipple, a scratch built N&W station that was on Main Street of downtown Norfolk.
John Roberts, MMR O Scale C&O, Newport News O Scale 2 rail layout that is his fifth layout (HO and O scales). Most of his layouts have appeared in RMC and Railroad Model Planning. This current layout emphasis is more toward a switching type layout with multiple industries. The layout is set in the 1950’s or 1970’s era depending on motive power and rolling stock used. Industries include the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., passenger service and car float operations.
Ed Rappae O Scale Pennsylvania RR - Central Region O Scale 2 rail layout that encompasses 2100 square feet and 2400’ of track! Ed’s railroad seeks to capture the feel of the Pennsylvania RR 4 track mainline operations in its battle to move long trains over the Allegheny mountains near Altoona, PA. The modeling era is set in the 1950’s during the transition from steam to diesel power. The scenic focal point of the railroad will be a replica of the world famous Horseshoe Curve! (Note: this is the successor (post-retirement) layout to Ed’s Fairfax, VA railroad featured in the March 2000 issue of Model Railroader magazine.
Bill Lancellotti G Scale Creekside RR G Scale outdoor layout modeled after 10-15 miles of the Auburn Branch of the New York Central and Hudson River RR during the early 1900’s. Also features the Owasco River Rail Road, a two-mile switching line. The layout is designed to be bi-directional with any train leaving staging can run in either direction and multiple trains can be running in both directions simultaneously. Massive staging yards under the deck eliminates the need to carry trains from storage to track side. The layout has a unique “guest track” which connects the main line from the driveway, that allows guest railroaders to load their trains without interfering with other operations.
Chuck Davis, MMR HO Scale The Lehigh Valley's Wyoming Division HO Scale approximately 17’x19’ with a 2’x14’ staging yard. The Lehigh Valley is a modular layout depicting several of the railroads which served the Wyoming Valley in northeast Pennsylvania during the 1940-1950 eras. The double tracked, dog boned main line is stacked under the peninsula with staging tracks on each end representing upstate New York and the New Jersey Meadowlands on the other end. The Wyoming Division layout frequently hosts Operating Sessions for members of our Tidewater Division. The layout is featured on the internet at: https://sites.google.com/site/mylvrr.
Mark Neiting HO Scale Chicago Joint Inner Belt RR HO Scale 1970’s era. A 14’x20’ two level layout with a helix. Layout features a peninsula in the center, double deck mainlines and two staging yards, steel mill and numerous industries around the layout. Frequently hosts club operations sessions with 6-7 operators.
Richard Hudson HO Scale I-Candy RR HO Scale layout in three interesting connected modules 5’x12’, 5’x14’, & 4’x6’ staged in the pre-WWII era of 1941. Although, the layout is located in an attic the detail and structures will amaze you, featuring over 200 cars and trucks and over 1000 people!
Bob Langer HO Scale Norfolk, Portsmouth Belt Line HO Scale 1960-1970’s era. Modeled prototype is in the Hampton Roads area. Layout is a modified Black River Junction, published in Model Railroader.
Jack Brown HO Scale Western Maryland Railway HO Scale layout approximately 13’x25’ constructed around the walls with staging areas. The era of the railroad is set in the 1969-1974 time period as the identity of the Western Maryland Railway begins to fade into the new paint schemes of the Chessie System. All of the second generation diesels and many of the first generation are on the property hauling freight, grain, iron ore and coal over this vital link of the “Alphabet Route”.
Steve & Sharon Prescott HO Scale Back Bay RR HO Scale layout approximately 24’x42’. Railroads modeled are the Southern, Original Norfolk Southern and Algoma Central. Featuring two large storage yards, engine repair facility, intermodal yard and several construction projects. The Algoma Steel Corporation dominates and area of 26”wide by 18’long.
Carl Jennings G Scale Pennywhistle Garden RR G Scale out door layout. This 30’x65’ layout is based on Pennsylvania passenger service, Santa Fe, and Rock Island railroads. The layout features mainline suspension bridge, a curved trestle bridge, waterfalls and a main street small town filled with local businesses. There are many residences, farms and FA’s & FB’s dominate pulling their passenger services.
Dave and Janet Spanagel HO Scale Old Point Comfort Lines NMRA registered HO Scale 38’x19’ layout. The OPCL primary roads are the Norfolk & Western and the Chesapeake & Ohio set in the 1950-1960’s era. Designed as a folded “S” with reverse loops and stub terminals at both ends, featuring a 200’ double track mainline.
Patricia Moss G Scale Sugarlands Express RR G Scale Outdoor Garden railroad with approximately 200’ of track consisting of 2 loops, one dog-bone crossover and one around the dogbone. The layout incorporates a small pond, town houses, city buildings and a covered bridge. As a member of the Tidewater Big Train Operators a number of the members layouts are featured on their website. Coming from a family of engineers from the Southern Railway, SR motive power is present and obvious.
Don Orr Live Steam Grasshopper RR 7.5”Gauge; 1½ “Scale Outdoor RR. Features approximately 3500 feet of mainline plus sidings and yard. Layout is configured as a folded figure eight and features bridges and trestles.
Louis Dunn HO Scale Norfolk & Western RR Dunn Division HO Scale layout approximately 34’x11’. Layout features a unique harbor scene as well as fully functional turntable and roundhouse. Features three yards, mountain and downtown scenes. 1950’s to present eras represented.
Gayle Treiber HO Scale Cement Belt Railroad HO Scale layout approximately 19’x25’ constructed around the walls with a peninsula, and a staging yard in a separate utility room. The Cement Belt RR is a free-lanced Eastern Pennsylvania short-line from the mid 1950’s. The Cement Belt interchanges freight traffic with both the Reading and Lehigh Valley RR’s at the town of Westview, and with the Lehigh and New England RR at the city of Holly Hill. Featuring numbers distribution points for groceries, produce, cement, coal and petroleum products .
Dale Ridgeway HO Scale Baltimore & Ohio Ridgley Division HO Scale approximately 19’x18’ layout featured on YouTube video B&O Ridgley Division. Staged in 1964 in Randal county West Virginia, the B&O Ridgley Division is an operational layout with a point-to-point run. The layout consists of a continuous loop, has 3 bridges and 4 tunnels. Scenery is lots of scratch built structures, West Virginia mountains with deep mountain lakes. Ridgley and Logan staging yards are CTI system computer controlled featuring DCC system.
Harry Werner HO Scale PRR Carrollton Division,Carrollton, VA HO scale DC controlled layout modeling the Pennsylvania RR during the late steam/early diesel transition era of the mid 1950’s. There are two continuous run mainlines configured in a parallel “folded dog bone” pattern. There is also a separate continuous run loop operating a local freight within a mainly urban industrial setting. Prototypical length passenger trains (11-15 cars) and 25 car freight trains are operated. Locomotive servicing facilities (including roundhouse and turntable), a freight yard with a 180 car capacity, and numerous industries supporting specialized freight car types are represented, as are town, small business and residential settings.
Shawn Henderson HO Scale Hendersonville Railway HO scale DC controlled layout approximately 12’x16’, modeling the early Norfolk Southern, late Norfolk & Western and their heritage merger railroads. The layout features 1950’s thru 1980’s era of late steam and phase 2 diesels. The layout features a single main line with four continuous loops routing schemes. All four loops interlock and can create various route assignments. Two main yards are featured. One large passenger train yard complete with a large passenger terminal is located on one of the four loop routes. The other large yard is a freight yard complete with engine service facilities for steam and diesel motive power, a 6 stall roundhouse and a custom built turntable. Reversing loops are featured on the main line and the layout is controlled by five DC cab controls.
Jim McLemore O Scale Atlantic & Western Railroad The Atlantic and Western Railroad is an O guage Lionel Layout that measures 41' x 17'. The railroad is a fictional "Bridge Line" connecting the Chesapeake Coast Line to the East, with the Norfolk and Ohio Railroad in the West. The time frame is early October 1943 and most of the modeled area represent the Blue Ridge and Alleghany Mountains of Virginia.