Last Updated: 18 March 2007

Shown are 2 pieces of rolling stock I weathered with Weather System adhesive chalks available from Bragdon Enterprises: Their web address -

I purchased the 12 color set at Timonium for something like $20.

Front shot of Chalks

Back shot of Chalks

There is a before/after shot of an SD38-2 I wanted to look like a yard goat (the Y in the road number actually denotes it as a Yard Engine).

SD3B-2 Before weathering

SD38-2 After weathering

Here is one of the new NS Coal cars now coming out of the East End Shops in Roanoke by the contractor doing the construction.

NS Coal Hopper with weathering

These chalks have an adhesive which, according to the mfg, are activated by friction. Use a short bristle brush to apply them, the harder/more you rub, the more chalk stays on. They adhere best to a matte finish; simply apply Dull-Coat to what you want to weather FIRST, let it dry then apply the Weather System Chalks.

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